Mesin Pond Vertical-Otomatis

Automatic die cutting machine TECHNOCUT BC1050: mesin pond otomatis, bisa rel, hotprint + embossed, dilengkapi paper feeder utk input media cetak kertas, kardus, karton, packaging, corrugated board, dll.

Technocut BC1050 | Automatic die cutting

Mesin automatic die cutting dengan speed= 7500 lembar/jam.

 Simak keunggulan mesin pond otomatis berikut ini…


Feeder section

  • Automatic feeder with non-stop system.
  • Pallet & cart direct load.
  • 4 lift-up and 4 delivery suckers, designed to handle a wide range of materials from paper to corrugated board. They guarantee the accuracy, reliability and smoothness of paper feeding.
  • Double sheet detector.

Register table

  • Side-register table with 6 belts.
  • 2 register side guides working with pulling and pushing system.
  • 4 register front lays, independently adjustable.

Press section

  • Closed chase with central positioning system device for fast positioning of the die.
  • Cutting plate 5 mm thickness.
  • Pressure control system, can be easily adjusted through touch screen. It has a security system to avoid any damage in the press.
  • Manual & automatic lubrication system.
  • 5 light weight gripper bars.
  • Turn-over bracket for cutting chase and honeycomb chase.
  • Pneumatic lock & release system for cutting chase and honeycomb plate.

Delivery section

  • Non-stop device with automatic conveyor at delivery


Carton board Paper Corrugated board
Carton board Paper Corrugated board



Automatic die cutting machine TECHNOCUT BC1050

Processed Materials Pile Height
Paper from 80 g/m2 Feeder 1600 mm
Carton board max. 2000 g/m2 Delivery 1300 mm
Corrugated board max. 4 mm Dimensions & Weight
Capability Length x Width x Height 6.17 x 4.2 x 2.45 m
Sheet size min. 360 x 400 mm Weight 15 Ton
Sheet size max. 740 x 1050 mm Installation
Speed 7500 s/h Compressed air 8 bar
Cutting force 300 Ton Air compressor capacity 15 m3/h
Converting Air tank capacity 100 L
Cutting size max. 730 x 1040 mm
Gripper margin min. 9.5 mm



Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Video Demo DGM Automatic Die Cutting Platen Machine BC-1050



Automatic Foil Hotprint Stamping Machine

Video Demo DGM Automatic Foil Hotprint Stamping + Die Cutting Machine BC-1050FL



BC1050S + Stripping – Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Video Demo DGM Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Stripping BC-1050S



Anda berminat…? ORDER TO : NOVARO

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  2. idea says:

    mohon info harga msin plong kertas duplex & stiker yang otomatis 4000lbr/jam , atau mohon rekomendasi harga yg dibawah 30-40 jt, skaligus mohon review atau berbagi pengalamn mengenai fungsi & keunggulan beberapa jenis / merk mesin plong dgn harga yg ekonomis

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    pak harganya berapa, garansi, dan layanannya seperti apa y?

    iwan wahyudi

    • Novaro says:

      Siang pak Iwan…,

      Silahkan dicek reply sms dan email dari kami mengenai harganya.

      Garansi mesin + spare-parts 1 tahun, TRAINING GRATIS.

      Trm kasih, semoga berkenan…

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