Plastic Injection Machine

Plastic Injection MachineJenis Bahan PLASTIK Industri. Read more ... » di INDONESIARISOGRAPH | Review Teknologi. Read more ... » banyak jenis, kapasitas dan merknya, salah satu yang paling bandel adalah SP-A YANHING Plastic Maker. Mesin injection plastikMesin ROTARY Sablon Manual ORIGINAL. Read more ... » made in ChinaMesin Cetak Offset CHINA | Murah & Handal. Read more ... » ini banyak dipakai oleh kalangan industri plastikMesin Press Sampah Kertas. Read more ... » di negeri ini, karena modelnya ergonomis, hemat listrik, kapasitas produksinya besar dan sudah terbukti sejak lama sebagai “mesin bandel” di kelasnya.


 SP-A YANHING | Plastic Injection Machine


Lihat spesifikasiPOLAR Mohr 115 Classic. Read more ... » dan teknologiRISOGRAPH | Review Teknologi. Read more ... » mesin terbaru dari mesin pembuat plastikJenis Bahan PLASTIK Industri. Read more ... » berikut ini…


SP-A YANHING | Plastic InjectionJenis Bahan PLASTIK Industri. Read more ... » Machine

SP-A High Quality Plastic Injection MouldingJenis Bahan PLASTIK Industri. Read more ... » Machine Series

High Precision | High Speed | High Repeatability
Clamping Force: 108 ton – 270 ton

Model: SP108A | SP120A | SP180A | SP220A | SP270A 


SP-A YANHING | Plastic Injection Machine


Spesifikasi Mesin Injection Plastik:



  • Highly accurate and rigid nodular graphite casting steel platens designed through CAE finite element analysis ensure optimal requirement of clamping unit
  • Five-point verticalMesin Pond Vertical-Otomatis. Read more ... » double toggles and chromeMultilith 1250 Chrome REKONDISI. Read more ... »-plated high tensile tie-bars give stable platen movement and sufficient clamping force
  • Clamping speed is largely increased over 80% by adopting differential hydraulic circuit
  • Extended daylight opening and enlarged platens allow accommodation of bigger moulds
  • Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical safety devices are all employed to ensure safe operation
  • Hydraulic ejector is enhanced with selectable modes of non-return, vibration or multi-stroke
  • Prompt and accurate change of every closing/opening stage ensures smooth mould travelling and mould protection
  • The application of self-lubricating bushings in platens, cylinderMesin Pond HEIDELBERG 72x60cm. Read more ... » rods, guide rods, etc. can largely eliminate wear of mechanical parts and thus prolong machine life



  • Nitrided screw and barrel
  • Productivity can be increased by high speed and high pressure injection and plasticizing
  • Screw with L/D ratio 20:1 suits moulding most engineering resins
  • AutomaticMesin ROTARY Sablon Manual ORIGINAL. Read more ... » screw purging and nozzle hunting
  • Double hydraulic carriage cylinders ensure secured contact between nozzle and mould and prevent nozzle leakage



  • The design and T-shape slide-way for movement of injection unit results in highly stable operation
  • Plasticizing back pressure control
  • Swivel-mounted carriage unit can ease the maintenance of screw and barrel
  • Special design of screw check valve allows the best plasticizing result in both mixing and melting



  • Specially designed computerized controller Techtronic T-6 shows all operation parameters and allows memory storage of 200 moulding data sets. It also gives warning messages in case of malfunction
  • 7 inches 16:9 color LCD monitorPolar 137 EMC Monitor. Read more ... » with Chinese/English character interchangeable display
  • Direct input of pressure, speed, position, time, moulding temperature and functions
  • 6-stage setting for injection pressure, speed and position
  • 4-stage setting for injection holding pressure, speed and time
  • 3-stage setting for plasticizing pressure, speed and position
  • 5-stage setting for mould close and 4-stage setting for mould open pressure, speed and position
  • 2-stage setting for ejection pressure, speed and position
  • Highly accurate potentiometers monitor mould, screw and ejector positions
  • Injection volume detection and screw prevention of cold start
  • Built-in PID temperature control programMesin Potong Kertas Hidrolik. Read more ... » and solid state relays in heater circuit give accurate moulding temperature and durable control circuit
  • Independent heater temperature malfunction monitoring device to prevent barrel overheat.
  • Safety protection monitoring prevents malfunctional mould closing.
  • Control for accumulator, automatic dual core pulling, unscrewing device, dual air ejectors, photo-cell detector and extractor, etc.
  • Pre-setting product count.
  • Injection and mould data can be saved in computer or SD memory card.
  • Optional application of INET Network through internetONLINE Printing Business Indonesia. Read more ... » remotely monitors production activities.
  • Multi-stage password protection, prevent data to be mistakenly changed easily.


  • High pressure and high speed performance can be achieved by employing large displacement pump driven by high power electric motor
  • Use of imported brands hydraulic valves ensures highly precise moulding
  • Hydraulic blocks are mounted close to the actuators to reduce discrepancy
  • All-time hydraulic oil filtering (only used with variable displacement pump)

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