RYOBI 750 Series: Offset Printing Machine REVIEW

The Ryobi printing machine 750 series offers two type of the SW type with printing area up to 765 x 545 mm (30.12″ x 21.46″) and the XLW type with printing area up to 765 x 580 mm (30.12″ x 22.83″).

It enables for printing application in a wide range such as: brochure, magazine, cardboard packaging, poster, etc

Ryobi 750 Series REVIEW

See the review of Ryobi 750 printing machine series from RYOBI Indonesia, before you buy Ryobi printing machine for your printing business…

REVIEW Ryobi 750 Series


The Ryobi printing machine 750 series offers two type of the SW type with printing area up to 765 x 545 mm (30.12″ x 21.46″) and the XLW type with printing area up to 765 x 580 mm (30.12″ x 22.83″). The type of XLW is capable for letter-size (8.5″ x 11″) 6-up printing. This printing machine is able to flexibly handle various papers from onionskin 0.04 mm (0.0016″) to thick cardboard 0.8 mm (0.031″).

Ryobi offset printing machine is manufactured in Japan but you can go to Ryobi Indonesia that sale Ryobi offset for your needs.

Ryobi printing machine with cardboard printing can handle paper with thickness up to 0.8mm without affecting adversely the existing performance of printing for thin papers. The cardboard printing can provide such substantial functions to result excellent printing with simple operation to meet the printing needs in a wider range.

Unlike 2 color printing machine, Ryobi 750 4 color printing machine series is able to cut the printing time on both sides of 4 color printing machine.

Ryobi 750 Series REVIEW

Ryobi 754 4 Color Printing Machine

A manual change can switch the range of thickness from 0.04-0.6 mm to 0.6-0.8 mm. However, there is no adjustment of gripper height is needed on all grippers at the thin paper 0.04mm to cardboard printing 0.8mm and the time of making ready can be significantly reduced when changing paper. The stability of paper transport can be ensured by impression cylinder and transfer drums with double diameter to minimize the flapping and make paper transport stable even when printing on such cardboard.

The feeder board of suction tape can simplify the brush setting and runner wheels setting. It also shortens the lead-time for paper sizes change. The suction will securely hold the paper and smoothly feeds it to the front lay.

This Ryobi offset printing machine lets plates to be changed automaticly, accurately and quickly – so called “autoplate“. The operator can set the plate on the pins and then presses the button. It does not require plate leading or tail edges to be bent. By using Ryobi printing machine, you can even boost productivity and also gain added values.

A unit of UV curing can be installed over the cylinder of every unit. Combining these uv curing units and a coating unit can give quick drying and the delivery time can be shortened. Of course, it makes value-added for the printing quality is possible such as printing on metalized paper, film and other media.

RYOBI Offset Indonesia

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