RYOBI 750 Series: Offset Printing Machine REVIEW

The Ryobi printing machine 750 series offers two type of the SW type with printing area up to 765 x 545 mm (30.12″ x 21.46″) and the XLW type with printing area up to 765 x 580 mm (30.12″ x 22.83″). It enables for printing application in a wide range such as: brochure, magazine, cardboard packaging, poster, etc See the … Read More

Ryobi 560 ex. import Jepang

Ryobi 560 offset, mesin cetak import dari Jepang, ukuran kertas 55,5 x 39,4 cm, area cetak max. : 54,5 x 38,7 cm. Cek spesifikasi dan harga mesin cetak Ryobi 560, mesin cetak import Jepang … Related Post: Sakurai Oliver 58 ex. Import Jepang Sakurai Oliver 472ED 4 Color MANROLAND 200 2 Color: 72×52 CM JUAL RYOBI 480K | Mesin Siap Cetak Ryobi 500K … Read More