UV Coating Machine | Mesin UV Varnish

Mesin uv varnish (uv coating machine) utk melapisi kertas / karton agar permukaannya mengkilat (glossy) atau dofmembuat kertas cetakan jadi tahan lama dan anti air (anti gores).

Mesin Coating UV Varnis | RHW-650 Manual UV Coating Machine

Spesifikasi Mesin Coating UV Varnish | RHW-650 Manual UV Coating Machine:

This COMPACT UV is a new generation uv coating machine from HUAWEI. It suitable for the small and medium printers, save space and cost. The effect same as RHW-J UV coating machine.

Mesin Coating UV Varnis | RHW-650 Manual UV Coating Machine

Mesin Coating UV Varnish | RHW-650 Manual UV Coating Machine

Specification UV Varnish Coating:

  • Max. paper width: 650 mm.
  • Paper thickness: 80 – 600 gr.
  • Max. Speed: 40 mtr/min.
  • Machine weight: 1500 kg.
  • Dimension: 3700 x 1090 x 1165 mm.
  • Power: 650 mm .

The printed surface will have a higher gloss, fade-proof and water-proof. We hope our new COMPACT UV will be a BIG help to all printers around the world.


Full automatic coating machine | RHW1000/1200J

Full automatic overall coating machine has experienced technical upgrades based on the original three-roller coating machine. With frequency conversion control adopted for metering roll, oiling volumes for papers of different thickness can be controlled through different linear velocity, straightforward and easy to operate, and it achieves fundamental changes in the surface fineness and smoothness of coating products without orange peel veins by and large, thus optimizing polishing products.

Full automatic coating machine | RHW1000/1200JFull automatic coating machine | RHW1000/1200J

Specification :

  • Models: RHW-1000J, RHW-1200J
  • Max. coating width: 950mm, 1,150mm
  • Paper thickness: 80 – 600gsm (equipped with wind-knife), 80 – 600gsm (equipped with wind-knife)
  • Max. working speed: 25 – 60m/min, 25 – 60m/min
  • Total power: 30kW, 30kW 6) Weight of machine: 3,000kg, 3,500kg
  • Dimensions: 9,100 x 1,800 x 1,610mm, 9,100 x 2,000 x 1,610mm


UV Curing Machine | Mesin Pengering UV

UV Curing Machine (Mesin Pengering)

UV curing machine | mesin pengering hasil cetak sablon (screen printing), percetakan offset, pencelupan garmen, plating, pcb board, kemasan makanan, dan  proses pengeringan sektor industri sebagai mesin finishing.

Cocok digabungkan dengan mesin sablon otomatis sebagai mesin pengering sablon.

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